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Luxury Villa of Ronaldinho Can Be Rented for $15000 a Night

One of the most popular football players in the world, Ronaldinho, has decided to rent out his luxury villa in Rio de Janeiro during the FIFA World Cup finals. This exclusive accommodation will cost $15 000 per night, providing all the exclusive comforts for the guests.

Ronaldinho luxury villa for rent

The luxury property offers everything that sophisticated customers could wish – five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a three-car garage and a big pool are only some of the unusual and special features of the house. Besides, we can find inside separated rooms for yoga, jym sessions and clothes, all equipped with personal items and trophies of Brazilian footballer.

Everyone interested in renting this luxurious villa can find it on the Airbnb page. The only requirement to enjoy all the comforts or Ronaldinho’s house is to pay a security deposit of $1023 and an addition charge of the same amount for more than three guests. The customers could use the help of service team, as much as relax in sauna with the special fridge just for beer. It’s one of those unique places where the price is relevant and worth thinking about.

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